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92-96 Toyota Camry Tune up.

ladytech started this conversation

I am new to the blog and I was told to find something that I am passionate about to blog about.  I love cars so I will form time to time post interesting things about different cars.  This is my first entry. 

 92-96 Toyota Camry V6 Tune up If you have a 1992-1996 Toyota Camry you have found out or will one day the cost of a tune up this car.  It’s anywhere from $1200.00 to $2200.00.  It is what it is.  I am sorry for Camry owners.  But let me give you some love.  For those of you who are brave enough to try to save money by doing the work yourselves.  Let me give you a hint.  The front plugs are easy.  Yea .  It’s the back ones that are a killer.  There is one of two ways to change the plugs form the back side.  The first is to take off the intake.  You will be required to purchase a gasket to reseal it and there are a lot of things that make will make it harder than you think.  If in doubt mark everything for easy reassembly.  The other way may be left up to a more experienced person.  Maybe someone with smaller hands and wrists can reach it more easily.  I am a woman so I had no problem.  The trick is to get the spark plug socket with a medium extension.  You must slide it down right over top of the hole that would be on the passenger side.  The center spark plug is the same way except you will need 1 or 2 short extensions to get it long enough for your ratchet.  The plug that is on the rear Drivers side is a little bit more of a tricky.  I used the medium extension with a swivel spark plug socket and maybe 1 or 2 short extensions.    If you are very careful and patient you can pull them all out without pulling off the intake.  The distributor cap and rotor button are straight forward.  This tune up is supposed to include the air filter, fuel filter and the PCV valve.  I recommend to my customers that they get a motor flush with an oil change and a Lucas additive and a fuel injection treatment.  Also if you get a lot of hesitation or stalling when you put the car in drive make sure to check out the main hose between the air box and throttle body for cracks.  If it is cracked or broken it is a good indication that your rear motor mount is broken.  It will need to be replaced when the hose is replaced or the hose will end up breaking again.  The car should perform better than before even if you can only afford to patch the hose with some duct tape.   I hope this article helps you out.  Gook Luck.NASCARLadytech Industries
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1mz-fe   in reply to kraze
I have a 96 camry v6, I got it 8 years ago with 60k, ive have always done its maintenance nd in those 8 years the only problem with it was the starter nothing else, shes a great runner 8)
Royal purple 5w30
Royal purple atf
K&n oil filter
Ngk iridium platinum plugs
Lame duralast a/t filter & wires working on better ones.
Autozene adjustable intake, working on better one.
Obx headers-2.5 piping-hks hi powers exhaust, 130 k now.

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thanks ladytech,i have a 92 and im gonna try and save myself some money.i work for a high school and we have a mechanics shop,ill let them help me.its good to learn,thanks.
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